Our Beginning

We began as a small, informal project

The Beginning of Elkana Childcare

Remember the parable of the tiny mustard seed (Matthew 3:31-32, World English Bible). Our own birth and growth resonates strongly with this story as our mustard seed was sown in the year 2000 by pioneers. We began as a small, informal project which rendered services such as providing a soup kitchen, clothing and access to social work services to approximately 30 – 40 children living and working on the streets of Malmesbury at that time.

We were then a project for street children solely. The work resulted in successful re-integration of street children back into communities, thereby drastically reducing, almost obliterating the amount of children on the streets of Malmesbury and some other surrounding Swartland areas.

Elkana Childcare became increasingly aware of and concerned about social factors in the Swartland that placed non-street children at risk of being damaged or landing up on the streets (as illustrated under PURPOSE OF OUR EXISTENCE). We thus over time, geared and aligned our services towards implementing Protection, Early Intervention and Prevention programmes for children in various situations of vulnerability and risk. Growth was prolific in many aspects such as structure, governance, premises and buildings, numbers of staff, beneficiaries and various other necessary resources from about mid-2000 and we are still growing!

Non Profit Company (NPC) Registration Number 2003/006176/08

Non Profit Organisation (NPO) Registration Number 036-188

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