Purpose Of Our Existence

Our purpose is to transform the lives of children

About Elkana Childcare

Our purpose is to transform the lives of children who live in severely adverse situations which negatively impacts on their positive development and future. They are in desperate need of meaningful interventions to prevent/stop the infringement on their human rights to enable them to eventually lead happier and more balanced lives. We are based in the beautiful, rural town of Malmesbury which forms part of the Swartland Region in the Western Cape, South Africa. The region’s picturesque landscape is derived from various types of agriculture, such as wheat, (Moorreesburg is famously known as the bread basket of the Western Cape) vineyards, dairy and various other types of farming.

It is difficult to reconcile this beauty and prosperity with an ugly, almost invisible reality, that of suffering children who are rendered vulnerable and at risk due to various social ills such as:

Extreme poverty

High unemployment

Violence and crime

Dysfunctional families

Failed foster care and more

Many young children, some in the babyhood and toddler years, have been severely affected by physical and psychological abuse of which sexual abuse rates highest, parental substance abuse, teenage pregnancies, early school drop outs, gangster culture, living on the streets and more. Historically, children have entered adulthood trapped within this vicious cycle, without hope for the future.

Elkana Childcare exists to break this cycle by implementing and practicing a two-pronged approach which embraces a continuum from welfare to development as follows:

(i) Immediate Safety and Protection for 24 Grils aged 4-17 years

(ii) Prevention and Early Intervention (Wesbank & Riverlands) for 200 children aged 6-18 years

Non Profit Company (NPC) Registration Number 2003/006176/08

Non Profit Organisation (NPO) Registration Number 036-188

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