Non Profit Company (NPC) Registration Number 2003/006176/08
Non Profit Organisation (NPO) Registration Number 036-188

How you can help?

How you can make a difference to Elkana Childcare

Elkana Childcare receives funding/sponsorship from South African and international funders which significantly contributes towards enabling us to help children in vulnerable and at risk situations. However, not all costs are covered and assistance from the public (financial or in kind) is much needed to ensure that our work (programmes) remains of high quality.

We give our donors the assurance that your money donations will be used for the direct benefit of the 124 Children in our care. Donations in kind are also welcome, but we encourage donors to contact us, so that we can inform them of current needs at Elkana Childcare.

Banking Details

Account name: Elkana Childcare

Bank: Nedbank Malmesbury (South Africa)

Account type: Cheque/Current Account

Account number: 1285056434

Branch code: 154605

Swift Code: NEDSZAJJ

We would like to thank and acknowledge all donations received. It is essential, therefore, that donors must specify initials, surname, address and payment process: electronic or direct deposit of transfer. In terms of Section 18A of the Income Tax Act all corporate donations made in South Africa are tax-deductible. Elkana Childcare therefore issues an annual tax receipt to each person donating more than R100. South African donors can submit the receipt when completing their tax returns.

We are grateful that you have chosen Elkana Childcare as a recipient of your generosity.

Contact Veronica Mehl Executive Director or Mr Shelton K Cottee

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - Tel: +27 (0)22 486 4178/9

Elkana Childcare is audited annually by:
BGR De Jager Boshoff Chartered Accountants
5 Church street
Malmesbury, 7300
Tel: +27 (0)22 482 1167